Skill coupled with knowledge of the industry is paramount. The team at SAS are not only passionate, but importantly accomplished. SAS compromise diverse talents and skills that bring immeasurable experience. This ensures that every facet of a project is carefully considered and evaluated. Naturally all personnel are qualified and licensed according, to their job descriptions, and are of premier calibre.

Quality Assurance

SAS are ISO 9001 Quality Assured. This means that clients are assured that the manufactured steel products and their erection meet the highest industry standards. Our Welders are accredited up to Special purpose welding.

In-House Drafting

SAS’s in-house steel detailing professionals use the latest 3D modelling technology. This ensures optimum accuracy in detailed design of steel and correct tolerances when fitting.

This advanced software also assures that when plans from engineers or builders are received SAS know that it will all fit together and inline with expectations. Moreover, it provides clients with the benefit of seeing their project in ‘3D’ – which completely changes the dynamics of the standard ‘2D’ plans.

In-House Production

Pre-design: A portion of the SAS services included the valuable pre-design. This is an underutilised feature of the SAS business but has proven to be invaluable to clients who have adopted it. SAS are able to work with clients and builders to asses the most cost effective solution.  Ways to reduce the overall construction times are also closely studied enabling the clients to reach completion earlier.

Quotations: All quotes from SAS are clearly itemised when presented to clients. SAS don’t believe in basing their costs on rates, but on individual elements in projects.

Scheduling: With the integrated use of advanced computer systems, professional staff, quality assurance and efficient management systems, SAS are able to deliver to its clients expectations.


Once all drawings are approved by its client the process of manufacturing is streamlined and efficient. SAS work with clients to meet their delivery needs, while still heavily focussing on quality assurance.


SAS pre-plan the design and logistics of the erection. Our erection crews and highly experienced in the most challenging of structures. SAS have their own fleet of cranes and erection machinery.